Meet the Staff: Farewell, Courtney! Edition

(Courtney is the one in the middle.)

Welcome back to Meet the Staff, where we learn a little more about the lovely people with whom we work! This month, we are saying farewell to a very valued member of the publicity team, Courtney Wilson, as she heads back to school.

How long have you worked for Algonquin?

Since before I graduated from college, technically – I interned here and then started working right when I graduated! So total…I guess three-and-a-half years?

What is your favorite part about your job here?

I love the wide range of personalities – it’s such an eclectic place to work, and there’s rarely a dull moment. If there is, I can always look forward to Craig yelling something out from his office.

So, why on earth are you leaving Algonquin? And how do you plan to adjust in the absence of “Wednesday Bagel Day?”

I graduated only a few years ago, but I’ve already decided to get back into the classroom. I’m returning to my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill (go Heels!) for nursing school. I’m so excited for a new adventure, but I’ll miss this place loads. I’m sure I will have to work a lot less to keep my weight down without my weekly 600-calorie bread breakfast.

You’re getting married in May. Congrats! What 3 songs top your “do-not-play” list?
Thanks! We’re having the wedding at our house in our backyard out in the country, so it’s a little nontraditional….as such, I refuse to have the wedding march played. I also do not want to hear the Electric Slide or the Cha Cha Slide.

What are your top 5 favorite foods?

Oh that is not a fair question! I love almost every food on the face of the planet, and eating lots of everything. My favorite foods change every day! The first is easy – cupcakes. But from there…hmmmm….

1) Cupcakes

2) Fresh steamed or sauteed veggies

3) Sushi

4) Anything with a potato

5) Sandwiches (that’s broad enough to include a ton of options!)

To make sure that our representation of Courtney is well-rounded, here are some other fun facts, straight from her co-workers (who would never lie).

  • She can eat her weight in reindeer mix.
  • Courtney has another life as a blogger about what she makes for dinner ( She isn’t scared to try anything! And she’s a little bit unhealthily obsessed with cupcakes.
  • Despite this obsession with food, she is a mean cyclist, even with a bad knee. “I’ve drafted off of her many a day,” says Kathy, “or watched her recede into the distance ahead of me.”
  • Christina remembers the time she sent a cheer-up email with an animated bacon .gif
  • Courtney is reportedly a bit of a coffee snob
  • She turned Christina onto tomato-basil Wheat Thins … and arm warmers
  • And, from Kathy:  “I’ve never known anyone who pushes through the pain like Courtney, no matter the injury. These last two weeks, we’ve watched her hobble around on her knee after surgery, smiling through it all. I think this might be why she will transition easily from a publicist to a nurse. We will miss her like crazy here.”
Courtney's devoted canine companions, Gypsy and Lucky

Courtney's devoted (and adorable) canine companions, Gypsy and Lucky



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