April’s Why-I-Love-Books Roundup

1. Adaptations. I understand the general stigma of film adaptations of great books; I know I’ve certainly grumbled about my fair share of poorly executed films. But think about THIS: what a great compliment to your favorite authors when one of their books gets picked up for a film. And success at the box office can enable them to continue writing more books for you to enjoy. Take a look at these successful adaptations and support the books you love by going to see the movie.

2. Opening Lines. We all know I judge books by the cover, but that’s just the first line of defense. The second thing I check when choosing my next read? The first line. Authors beware.

3. Un-Blocking Writers. Working on that novel? Stuck? Discouraged? Feeling unoriginal? No worries, friend, just dial 911 and get a little insta-fix for your writer’s block.

4. One Last Poetry Plug. I know you know it was National Poetry Month this April, because we’ve spent the last 30 days beating you over the head with it, so I’ll just post on it one last time (promise): Read this NPR article in which Robert Hass discusses a famous work by one of America’s most beloved poets, Walt Whitman.

5. Crafty Shelves. Home decor for the book lover who wants everyone to know it. Book shelves for books made of books.

6. Not-for-Children Books. Children’s books? Great. Dark picture books for adults? Even better. CLICK.

7. Fighting the Power. Literally. Fighting the electronic trends in literature. Personally, I’m worried about the safety of bound books everywhere. Annalee Newitz breaks down The Google Book Settlement for us, pinpointing the five ways it’s going to change the future of reading. Read her article and educate yourself, and I’m going to go make some wristbands.

8. Words. No, really, a neon sign that says “Words”. I want it.

See you next year, April!



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