#Ask6Cats: Kitty Cornered Stars Take Over Twitter

Kitty Cornered fan Bombay relaxes beside his new favorite book. Photo courtesy of Tiaré Olivia SlingShot Ferrari.

Agnes, Maynard, Frannie, Tina and Moobie aren’t just five of the feline stars from Bob Tarte‘s new book Kitty Cornered – they are also advice cats on Twitter, each one taking a turn to dole out wisdom on their weekly #Ask6Cats chat. The Kitty is in. Today we share some of the Kitties’ favorite tweets from their feline fans, along with their  responses. (They borrow the @BobTarte Twitter handle each week to maintain their privacy.) Enjoy, and for more Kitty wisdom, join us this Friday, July 6, 12:30pm Eastern, for Lucy’s #Ask6Cats advice session — and pick up a copy of Kitty Cornered at IndieBound independent bookstores, Powell’sBarnes & Noble, and Amazon.



Binc ‏@BincFoundation @BobTarte Choco I have a bed my size on the floor, why do my humans think I will sleep in it?

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @BincFoundation #Ask6Cats @BobTarte Why did humans invent the leisure suit and the salad spinner? No cat sense whatsoever.


tifotter ‏@tifotter Agnes, how did you train @BobTarte so well? Do you have any training tips? #Ask6Cats

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @tifotter #Ask6Cats @BobTarte My person is particularly weak willed and easily manipulated. Look for such a person for yourself.


Smoky Mountains ‏@Smoky_Mountain @BobTarte #Ask6Cats Agnes, do cats understand that they are small domestic animals or do they see themselves more as bobcats or even lions?

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @Smoky_Mountain #Ask6Cats @BobTarte I dare you to come over here and say that ‘small domestic animal’ crack to my face.



tifotter ‏@tifotter Why do you lick your paws and stick then in your ears and then lick them again? Don’t you know you’re eating ear dirt? @bobtarte #Ask6Cats

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @tifotter Taste’s like chicken! @BobTarte #Ask6cats


tifotter ‏@tifotter Have you ever tried to sniff a duck’s beak? THEY WILL BITE AND TWIST YOUR SNOUT RIGHT OFF. @bobtarte #Ask6Cats

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @tifotter I don’t associate with any beings that lack the proper appendages to pet me with.


GBaxterCrumbley ‏@GBaxterCrumbley What is the most scientifically accurate calculation to translate human years to cat years? @bobtarte #ask6cats

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @GBaxterCrumbley Actual time x number of tuna cans purchased per year. @BobTarte #Ask6cats



Mr. Peanut Butter ‏@pbj06 @BobTarte Gotta send this in early: Harry in LA asks: I like Italian parsley. But is it bad for me? #ask6cats #catchat

Frannie @pbj06 A teenie-weenie sliver of parsley is okay beneath a big greasy chunk of dark meat chicken on a china saucer. #ask6cats


Cayr Ariel Wulff ‏@yelodoggie #Ask6Cats @BobTarte My human sings to me. I hate it. I claw her in the face, but she still sings. How can I make it stop? – Mouse in Ohio

Frannie @yelodoggie Are you a real mousie? Come real close and I’ll sing a special song. You’ll never want to claw your human again.


JaneFriedman #Ask6Cats @BobTarte @JaneFriedman Zelda asks, “What is that thing up in the air that no one but me is able to see & how do I catch it?”

Frannie @JaneFriedman Leave it alone. Whatever it is, it tastes like parsley.



Cayr Ariel Wulff ‏@yelodoggie #ask6cats @BobTarte If cats evolved from Lions & Tigers how did they get so small? I’m the same size as my wolf ancestors #dogs_rule

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @yelodoggie Is a big honking Zenith 1930s table radio better than your itsy bitsy MP3 player? #Ask6Cats @BobTarte


Cayr Ariel Wulff ‏@yelodoggie Is it true that cats have nine lives? Just wonderin’ cuz I’ve been counting. #Ask6Cats @BobTarte #dogs_rule

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @yelodoggie Is it true that dogs have nine brain cells? That’s obviously where this question came from. #Ask6Cats @BobTarte


Kelly Meister ‏@TheCritterLady @BobTarte #Ask6Cats Tina, my person says I’m overweight. Do you think that’s even possible? From, Junebug

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @TheCritterLady Cats require padding for activities like falling from knickknack shelves or sleeping on top of an iPod. #Ask6Cats @BobTarte



Jabberwalkie ‏@Jabberwalkie2 @BobTarte Kitty asks…..why do I eat grass even though I’m destined to puke for hours after?

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @Jabberwalkie2 If cats had any sense of consequence, we wouldn’t have any fun in life. ‪#Ask6Cats @BobTarte


Sarah Wallin ‏@Sariebear What is the best way make the humans let me outside? Besides tripping them when they walk out the door? -Queso ‪#Ask6Cats @BobTarte

 Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @Sariebear Tangle yourself so thoroughly in their feet that they can’t go outside without you. ‪#Ask6Cats @BobTarte


valeskalu226 ‏@valeskalu226 @BobTarte I am a small quiet dog; how do I handle an aggressive cat – keep being nice or be more assertive?

Bob Tarte ‏@BobTarte @valeskalu226 It would help if you could just be a cat. ‪#Ask6Cats @BobTarte


Photo courtesy of Tiaré Olivia SlingShot Ferrari.


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July 4, 2012
11:47 am
Jeannie Menor says...

Thanks for using Bombay for the pic, we love it!!! This is a great book and everyone with animals will really enjoy it!!! PS: I took the pic of Bombay so if you could fix that , that would be great!! Thanks Jeannie Menor

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