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Some Submissions Guidelines and Conspiracy Speculations


It’s a tough world out there for writers: incomplete manuscripts cluttering our workspace, relatives asking what our real jobs are, and our hole-in-the-wall coffeehouses being overrun with sentient robots diabolically posing as hipsters and biding their time until the machines take over. (Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch. Maybe.)
Well here’s some info that I hope will make life a bit easier for you hardscrabble writers out there: Algonquin Books is always accepting submissions. We publish literary fiction, memoir, and nonfiction – we don’t publish children’s books, poetry, or genre fiction like Romance, Mystery, or Sci-Fi. (Apologies to our hipster robot-overlords.) We accept submissions from old authors and first-time authors, agents and authors without agents. You can either send a query (the first 25 pages of a manuscript) or an entire manuscript, but please be sure to send via snail mail (no email or fax submissions) and to include a cover letter (feel free to describe the premise of your submission, your previous publications, etc.) and a check to cover postage, should it prove necessary. We try to respond to submissions within eight to ten weeks, but also want to be sure that each query and manuscript is given a careful read – so sometimes it takes a bit longer. Here’s our address:


So go forth, writers, and we hope to read your work soon!




Ana Alvarez is the

Publishing Coordinator

at Algonquin Books


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February 26, 2011
10:08 pm
Bill says...

Wow! This is refreshing a publisher who want’s manuscripts.

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