Auld Lang Syne … in clothes

Clothes may make the man, but they definitely make the memories for a woman. Open your closet and the tapestry of a life unfolds.

I wore this skirt to the interview for the job that led to a new career path. I bought this jacket for 75 percent off during a long overdue girls’ day with my best friend from college. This is the dress I wore to my aunt’s funeral. And then to my other aunt’s funeral.

As we close out another year, what better time to take stock of the wardrobe of your life?

Love, Love and What I Wore, Ilene Beckerman’s runaway bestseller, takes us through this journey into her closet. From her Brownie uniform to her Pucci knockoff to her black strapless Rita Hayworth–style dress from the Neiman Marcus outlet store, “Gingy” Beckerman tells us the story of her life.

What stories do your clothes tell about you?

You can buy Love, Loss, and What I Wore as an e-book for just $1.99 through the end of the year — that’s today! — at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO, INDIEBOUND, GOOGLE, and APPLE.



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December 31, 2012
3:34 pm
Norma Wilson says...

Read that book long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m also remembering clever and whimsical illustrations throughout, one that reminded me of a leggy ant dressed up for a picnic. Hope the e-version has those drawings too. In younger days my clothes memories were tied to who sewed them for me, or who they belonged to before I got them. Handmade and hand-me-downs 🙂

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