Father’s Day: The Inheritance of Beer

This week, in honor of Father’s Day, we’re bringing you essays and personal stories focusing on dad.  Today, Craig Popelars, Algonquin’s Director of Marketing, shares thoughts about fatherhood, his father and the beer that bonds them. Craig’s essay originally appeared in All About Beer magazine.

The Inheritance of Beer

An Essay by Craig Popelars


“Look!” I cried, “The Cardinal’s back! It must be the black oil sunflower seed that I put in the feeder!” As those words tumbled from my mouth, I knew I was screwed. My friend Steve was speechless.

I have to admit, my ornithological excitement wouldn’t be an issue if I were retired, sporting a Tommy Bahama shirt, and sucking on a butterscotch drop. At forty-three, however, a remark like that takes on an air of sadness comparable to watching a twenty-four hour Brian’s Song marathon.

I was turning into my father.

There are other signs. I appreciate wandering around a Home Depot slack-jawed in contemplation. Words like “Begonias,” “Laurelpetalum,” and “Quick-krete” enter my lexicon more frequently. The aromas of Round-Up, Armor-All, and fresh cut grass arouse my senses. I look forward to re-seeding the lawn in the fall and taking naps on Sunday afternoons. I have hair propagating like kudzu from my ears, and appreciate the subtle nuances of listening to baseball on the radio.

Above all, I’ve become passionately devoted to the care and feeding of the beer fridge in the garage. Ah, two glorious words that makes the paternal metamorphosis easily more digestible: Beer fridge.

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