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Please welcome Laura Williams, our Art Assistant and Promotional Materials Goddess! Laura gets to do design work on jackets, blads, press kits, and anything else we can dream up. In a job that necessitates constant creativity at a house that puts out so many beautiful books (if we don’t say so ourselves!),  we were curious — what are your all-time favorite Algonquin jackets?  We asked; Laura answered. Read on for the three designs that really get her mojo going… Mudbound

Mudbound (by Hillary Jordan) is one of my new favorites. I think the designer (Lisa Fyfe) did an amazing job portraying the spirit of the book. The bird is so poetic.

Wicked Plants
I am also very fond of Wicked Plants (by Amy Stewart). I think the jacket conjures up all kinds of things ranging from old seed packet designs to the Farmer’s Almanac, and it does so in a wickedly irreverent way. The whole book design is really great, and the illustrations are just amazing. *Stay tuned next week for an appropriately Halloween-y excerpt and illustrations from Wicked Plants–PLUS a giveaway of the book itself!

The Last Girls
I am also fond of The Last Girls (by Lee Smith). It is a very simple, yet powerful cover. I remember when I first saw it in a bookstore and it just leapt off the shelf.

What are some of your favorite jackets of all time?

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November 6, 2009
1:17 pm
Marie says...

I have always liked The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold book jacket. It is a very simple design: blue background with a silver charm bracelet. There is a movie coming out soon for this book; I’m definitely going to watch.

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