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Imperfect Harmony

by Stacy Horn

Parade magazine is singing the praises of Imperfect Harmony in its Parade Picks this week: “Stacy Horn, an amateur soprano in the Choral Society of Grace Church in New York, blends memoir, social history, and science to proclaim the joys, surprising health benefits, and comforts (even while getting over a bad boyfriend) of raising your voice in song.”

For Horn, singing in a volunteer community choir – the Choral Society of Grace Church in New York is the one thing in her life that never fails to take her to a transcendent place and remind her that everything good is possible.  She’s not religious, and (she admits) she doesn’t have a great voice, but like thousands of other amateur chorus members throughout this country and the world, singing together with other people makes her happy.

As Horn relates her funny and profound experiences as a choir member for the past thirty years, she also treats us to an eclectic history of group singing; the lives of conductors and composers; the history of pieces of music, both famous and forgotten; the science of singing; and all the benefits that come from being in the middle of a song.  Life can be hard, battles continue to rage all around us, and by midlife most of us had our share of personal disappointments.  Here is the moving story of one woman who found a way to forget all that in the weekly ritual of singing some of the greatest music humanity has ever produced.

Click here to listen to the music from Imperfect Harmony.


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4 Comments On This Post:

July 16, 2013
11:39 am
David says...

Would love to have this book. Thinking about joining my church choir.

July 16, 2013
6:30 pm
mahorenkamp says...

I’m in the choir with Stacy, and one of the many who answered questions she asked us. Stacy’s a great writer, and I can’t wait to read this!

July 23, 2013
2:17 pm
Michael Moore says...

I would have loved to got in on this one. Looks like a good book.

~ Michael Moore

October 16, 2014
7:39 am
stacy horn says...

beyond being a terrific writer, stacy horn, is a humble and wonderful person. with funny simple eloquence ‘imperfect harmony’ is an inspiration. .

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