Join Us! Heidi Durrow & Terry McMillan, 8/18

Reminder: Only 18 days until our Algonquin Book Club event with Heidi Durrow and Terry McMillan! To help kick things off, we’re giving away 20 copies of Durrow’s critically acclaimed, best-selling novel The Girl Who Fell from the Sky to those who haven’t read it and who want to tune in to the live webcast on August 18, 7:00pm PST/10:00pm PST. If you haven’t already entered, all you have to do is leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. We’ll notify the winners by Wednesday. Good luck!

During the live webcast of the event, held at Book Passage, you can chat with other viewers and even ask questions. Be sure to check out our Algonquin Book Club site for an original essay by Durrow about The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, a description of the book, bios of the author and interviewer, a reading group guide, book club tips, and some culinary treats related to the book–amazing recipe pairings submitted by Heidi Durrow herself.



These lucky winners will receive a free copy of The Girl Who Fell From The Sky. Congratulations!  We’ll be in touch with you soon.

Kathie Hagen
Vanessa Jimerson McDaniel
Jeffery Lanier Jones
Yvonne Hill
James White
Jennifer Michael
Bradley Wojak

Chantilly Patiño
Leslie S.
Erin Harwood
Judy B
Allie Jay
Suzanne Garnet
Ivy Pittman

11 Comments On This Post:

August 1, 2011
10:09 am
Annie Bevernitz says...

I’m entering the contest in hopes of winning Durrow’s novel. Thanks for the chance.

August 1, 2011
10:19 am
Brooke says...

This sounds like an amazing book – I’d love to put my name into the Novel Hat.

August 1, 2011
1:45 pm
Latanya Henderson says...

Can’t wait to read this book.

August 1, 2011
4:07 pm
Laurie Blum says...

Need to win & read this book 🙂

August 1, 2011
6:32 pm
Cheri Boyd says...

When I found out that I had a chance to win this book. This comment says it all, I hope I win.

August 1, 2011
6:38 pm
Cheri Boyd says...

I am posting the comments in hopes of winning a copy of The Girl Who Fell From The Sky. You should check out the Facebook page for Whitney Sheldon, my niece, she’s your Rachel.

August 2, 2011
9:13 pm
Joanne says...

Just discovered this website. Would love to win and read this book!

August 3, 2011
12:15 pm
Erin Harwood says...

Yay! I’ve just seen that I was selected! Thank you, Algonquin. Looking forward to participating in the chat in a couple weeks.

August 3, 2011
1:33 pm
Christa Neu says...

looking forward to reading this book (even if I don’t win one, which I hope I do)

August 3, 2011
3:41 pm
Chantilly Patiño (@biculturalmom) says...

Awesome! I’m so glad to have won this book! Thank you so much for the opportunity! 🙂

August 3, 2011
6:10 pm
Sharon says...

Very excited about this book!

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