Red Rocking Chair Read: Last Bite of Lucky 7

As September winds down, we finish up our seven-course meal of tasty e-books for just $1.99 with this month’s Food, Glorious Food Lucky 7 e-books. So, settle into our Red Rocking Chair with your e-reader and take the Last Bite. In Nancy Verde Barr’s novel, a television chef discovers love both in the kitchen — and out of it. After all, food is the language of love.  (Oh, you thought it was French?  Well, maybe a nice French wine.)

You can buy Last Bite for $1.99 at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, INDIEBOUND, KOBO, GOOGLE, APPLE, and POWELL’S.

After ending a bad relationship, Casey Costello, an executive chef at a morning television show, swears off men. Who has the time anyway? She’s busy overseeing a rambunctious food-prep crew in a kitchen the size of a closet; trying to please high-maintenance celebrity guest chefs; and dealing with her large extended Italian American family, who believe that the solutions to life’s problems involve food. And in the midst of her high-energy, stress-inducing career—punctuated by a steady stream of parties and restaurant openings that must not be missed—she’s trying to uncover why Sally Woods, a grand old dame of the culinary world and regular on the television show, is suddenly ready to jump ship and find a new station and a new executive chef.

When Danny O’Shea, a handsome chef from one of New York’s hottest new restaurants, makes a guest appearance on the show, Casey smells trouble. But feelings ignite faster than a flambé dessert, especially when Danny whips up a few surprises during a television shoot in Italy.

Narrated in Casey’s smart and refreshingly disarming voice, Last Bite is an irresistible culinary caper, with characters whose appetites are as big as their personalities.


“As the romance between these two chefs slowly unfolds, readers learn the ins and outs of food styling for television and the problems of preparing dinner when every person has specific food demands and taboos… fictionalizing all this into background for a tale of sweet love and fine dining.” Booklist

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