Lucky 7: Settled in the Wild

“I live on land that has not surrendered the last of its wildness…It keeps secrets, and those secrets prompt us to pay attention, to look for more…” – Susan Hand Shetterly

Today we take a closer look at Susan Hand Shetterly’s Settled in the Wild, one of the featured Lucky 7 e-books this month – only $1.99 through the end of July.




“It reads like you’re listening to water flowing over stones. Shetterly writes with great detail and understanding, and you feel immersed in her world.” -Lynne Cox, author of Swimming to Antartica




Whether we live in cities, suburbs, or villages, we are encroaching on nature, and it perseveres. Naturalist Susan Shetterly looks at how animals, humans, and plants share the land—observing her own neighborhood in rural Maine. She tells tales of the locals (humans, yes, but also snowshoe hares, raccoons, bobcats, turtles, salmon, ravens, hummingbirds, cormorants, sandpipers, and spring peepers). She expertly shows us how they all make their way in an ever-changing habitat.

In writing about a displaced garter snake, witnessing the paving of a beloved dirt road, trapping a cricket with her young son, rescuing a fledgling raven, or the town’s joy at the return of the alewife migration, Shetterly issues warnings even as she pays tribute to the resilience that abounds.

Like the works of Annie Dillard and Aldo Leopold, Settled in the Wild takes a magnifying glass to the wildness that surrounds us. With keen perception and wit, Shetterly offers us an education in nature, one that should inspire us to preserve it.

You can buy the Settled in the Wild e-book for only $1.99 at INDIEBOUND independent bookstores, GOOGLEAMAZONBARNES & NOBLEAPPLE and KOBO through the end of July.



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July 24, 2012
4:53 pm
Emma @ Words And Peace says...

I read this book last summer and enjoyed it immensely, it is definitely worth the buy! Here is my review:

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