Lucky 7 tee time: Dream Golf

Warm up a dreary winter day with the dream of golf. A perfect round under a blue sky. A perfect round, the way golf was meant to be played — rugged and full of magic.

This photo above captures the essence of Dream Golf, the story of Bandon Dunes and the making of an ideal course. And you can capture the whole story, the whole experience of golf as you dream it can be (even for a weekend duffer), for just $1.99 this month. Dream Golf  is available for as $1.99 e-book through December 30, as part of this month’s Lucky 7 promotion.


Golf writer Stephen Goodwin introduces readers to Mike Keiser’s efforts at Brandon Dunes, a course named Old Macdonald on the Oregon Coast that presents golfers with a more rugged, untamed version of the game.

Windswept and wondrous, this course honors the natural vegetation and landscape. The dunes remain pristine and the views breathtaking. And it is in honoring the gorgeous bluff high above the Pacific Ocean that Bandon Dunes allows the true artistry and joy of the game to unfold.

This “new” approach to the sport is, in fact, a return to the game’s origins, with a very deep bow to Charles Blair Macdonald (1856 –1939), the father of American golf course architecture and one of the founders of the U.S. Golf Association.

This highly anticipated fourth course, designed by renowned golf course architect Tom Doak along with Jim Urbina — as detailed in Dream Golf — will further enhance Bandon Dunes’ reputation as a place where golf really does seem to capture the ancient magic of the game.

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