BookExpo America: The Algonquin Recap

A few weeks ago, the Algonquin team ventured to NYC armed with thousands of galleys, comfortable shoes, and a sense of excitement. What were we so excited about, you ask? Book Expo America! We, along with over 21,000 book lovers and industry folk, crammed into the Javits Convention Center for a two-day show devoted to our favorite topic: BOOKS! The 2010 show was amazing, and Algonquin had some very memorable moments, including:

  • The prestigious Editors Buzz Panel where Executive Editor Chuck Adams talked about his love for West of Here by Jonathan Evison. Moments after the panel ended we were mobbed by over 500 people. A minute later, the 300 galleys were gone. I’m surprised we survived to recount the tale. Seriously. I started to get a little worried when we were surrounded on all sides by rabid fans grabbing at us.
  • Joseph Skibells presentation about his upcoming novel A Curable Romantic at the renowned Jewish Book Council’s three-day event. He stood out from the hundreds of other authors (on the last day as one of the last authors, no less) with a hilarious ditty about his book accompanied by his traveling guitar! The title of his whimsical song? “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major Novelist.” Click here to read Joseph’s hilarious lyrics (set to a Gilbert & Sullivan tune) on the Jewish Book Council blog. Additionally, Skibell, Publisher Elisabeth Scharlatt, and Publicity Director Michael Taeckens participated in a “From Writer to Reader” panel that focused on A Curable Romantic.
  • What better way to spend an evening than combing books, alcohol, and your favorite actor all in one room? Actor/producer extraordinaire Zach Braff hosted a launch party at his swanky NYC loft for the release of Peep Show by his brother, Joshua Braff. Check out the pictures below!
  • Two really fantastic luncheons featuring Algonquin authors–ABA’s “Celebration of Bookselling Luncheon” with Pete Nelson for his book I Thought You Were Dead and Caroline Leavitt at the AAP Author Luncheon speaking about her new book Pictures of You. Both had huge crowds and ran out of galleys!


Jonathan Evison signing copies of West of Here in the Algonquin BEA booth

West of Here author Jonathan Evison with Algonquin Publisher Elisabeth Scharlatt


Joseph Skibell and Elisabeth Scharlatt speak at the "From Writer to Reader" panel

A blow-up easel of Joseph Skibell's upcoming novel A Curable Romantic

Pictures of You author Caroline Leavitt poses with a bookseller during her signing in the Algonquin BEA booth

Josh Braff signing copies of Peep Show in the Algonquin booth

Zach Braff, Leslie Rossman, Josh Braff and Algonquin Publicity Director Michael Taeckens at the party hosted by Zach Braff in honor of Peep Show

Olive, who misses Michael greatly when he goes to New York. (She is currently working on a mash-up book: Pride and Prejudice and Kittens.)

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