Our book sommelier finds a fine vintage

Like fine wines, some books just get better with age. Our resident liquor afficionado, gardening expert, bookstore owner, and author, Amy Stewart, has found a fine vintage in the 1858 publication of Fermented Liquors: a Treatise on Brewing, Distilling, Rectifying, and Manufacturing of Sugars, Wines, Spirits, and All Known Liquors, Including Cider and Vinegar: Also, Hundreds of Valuable Directions in Medicine, Metallurgy, Pyrotechny, and the Arts in General, by Lewis Feuchtwanger.

From carrot wine to red cabbage dye, from corn beer to elderberry wine, Fermented Liquor has all the same natural goodness that inspired Amy to write The Drunken Botanist. Plus there are some real treats — like the Egg Punch recipe that calls for 24 eggs (yes, 24 — you did read that correctly)!

Check out Amy’s always delightful blog on DrunkenBotanist.com for more boozily botanical gems — including ordering your copy of The Drunken Botanist.


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