I’m really excited that it’s National Poetry Month, I just want to make sure that everyone understands why:

1. Reworked Words. Not sure you have the words to write your own poetry? No big deal. Just black-out the pages of a book (any book) to make your own recycled poetry. For a look at the book-altering-masters, go here and here.

2. Slam. I’m tired of people who think poetry is for sissies. Poetry is like a language party; a big, loud word blow-out that goes on long into the night and only ends when the cops show up with tear gas. Don’t believe me? OBVIOUSLY you’re not familiar with slam poetry! It’s like really good rap…but with no hype man…click the Saul Williams Button to see some slam-magic. —–>

3. Flarf. Now here’s something you haven’t heard about: Flarf poetry. This innovative art form is, believe it or not, powered by Google. Flarf poets will search a phrase and then create poetry from the varied ways that phrase shows up on the internet. It’s quick, current, and wonderfully witty–to get started, I recommend K. Silem Mohammed and his blog {LIME TREE}.

4. Poetry In The Movies. Dead Poets Society, Sylvia (Sylvia Plath), Barfly (Charles Bukowski), The Basketball Diaries (Jim Carroll), Stevie (Stevie Smith), Looking for Langston (Langston Hughes), Mrs. Parker & The Vicious Circle (Dorothy Parker), I (Heart) Huckabees, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Shakespeare In Love (and all Shakespeare film-adaptations, for that matter). And that’s just to name a few…

5. Love. Since the budding beginnings of awkward flirting, poetry has been the medium of choice. Believe it or not, some of it has actually been good.

6. The Epic. The best part of an epic poem is all in the name: it’s EPIC. It’s no ordinary “Roses are red” mess of metered lines–an epic poem has characters and adventure and life and death and good and evil.  And we all know about The Iliad, but there are new epic poems, too. Toby Barlow wrote an epic poem in 2008 about werewolves in Los Angeles called Sharp Teeth. It’ll rock everything you thought you knew about poetry.

7. Rhyme Scheming.

When I want to write a verse
I have to find a good rhyme first.
But nothing fits, I make it worse
And end up with…needing to go online and look it up.

8. We Give It It’s Own Month! I love poetry, your English teachers loved poetry, that greasy kid in the corner of the local coffee shop really (really) loves poetry, but you may still be on the fence. That’s fine. Because the NATION loves poetry, too, and there’s a whole, wide website devoted to poems, poets, and the pursuit of poetryness. Enjoy!



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April 10, 2010
1:18 am
TriMet puts poetry back in motion | Flavors of New York says...

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April 10, 2010
1:27 am
Sondrew says...

I’m not sure if the first one went through, but here’s another one.

I really enjoyed the poetry blog. I can see you really have a passion for poetry. It definitely enlightened me on many types of poetry and the amount of movies that have them. I’m actually a big fan of Dead Poet Society. Great fillm. Miss you Sus.

April 12, 2010
6:55 pm
Lou says...

This is great stuff! I am especially intrigued by Flarf. Thanks Susannah.

July 22, 2010
6:05 am
Elba Davis says...

Wow! Thank you! I all the time wanted to put in writing in my site one thing like that. Can I take part of your publish to my blog?

July 27, 2010
3:37 pm
Tonya Alcorta says...

Website you got here.. BTW, nice theme also..

September 13, 2010
11:08 pm
Sara Foster says...

poetry is the thing i like, i create poems during my spare time-;-

October 13, 2010
2:13 am
Complete Kitchen  says...


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