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Herman “Hank” Fins-Winston was a pro golfer destined for greatness. Now he lives in a condominium on the thirteenth fairway of one of heaven’s glorious courses – a fact he finds surprising and amusing, since for one reason or another, a fair percentage of golfers never make it to paradise. Hank is having the time of his afterlife until he’s summoned one idyllic morning to play a round with the Almighty. It seems that God is having some trouble with His game. As they play the heavenly courses, both in paradise and back on earth, Hank comes to realize that what began as a golf lesson has become a spiritual journey.

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Photo Credit: Amanda S. Merullo

Roland Merullo, is the critically acclaimed author of seven books, including the Revere Beach Trilogy, three novels about growing up in a tight-knit community outside Boston, and Golfing with God, a novel about a man’s unexpected spiritual journey. He lives with his wife and two daughters in eastern Massachusetts.


"An engaging plot, humor . . . and a theology that's humane."—The Boston Globe

"A beautifully told tale that will have you in its otherworldly grasp from the opening page…The best golfing novel I've ever read!"—James Dodson, author of Final Rounds