Learn to Speak the Language of Flowers: Daffodils

August 11, 2017 • No Comments Ah, daffodils. Who among us literary-minded folk is not reminded of William Wordsworth’s dancing daffodils when spotting these golden flowers? As it turns out, their meaning in the Victorian language of flowers is just as…


November 30, 2012

Lucky 7: Flower Confidential

No Comments November 30, 2012 • No Comments “This book is as lush as the flowers it describes.” –¬†Publishers Weekly Flowers can say everything from “get well” to “I love you” to “I’m sorry.”¬† But they are also a multi-million dollar business.…


February 10, 2011

A Valentine’s Horror Story

3 Comments February 10, 2011 • 3 Comments . When I was writing Flower Confidential, I was always looking for romantic Valentine’s Day stories on flowers that I could include in a short chapter on our most romantic holiday. But florists have a…